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Showing 1 - 24 of 35 products
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Turbocharge Safety Trainers (Sizes 37-47) - VELTUFF® DKTurbocharge Safety Trainers (Sizes 37-47) - VELTUFF® DK
Turbocharge Safety Trainers (Sizes 37-47)
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Supercharge Safety Trainer (Sizes 37-47) - VELTUFF® DKSupercharge Safety Trainer (Sizes 37-47) - VELTUFF® DK
Supercharge Safety Trainer (Sizes 37-47)
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V Power Safety Boots (Sizes 37-47) - VELTUFF® DKV Power Safety Boots (Sizes 37-47) - VELTUFF® DK
V Power Safety Boots (Sizes 37-47)
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Anti-Shock Insoles (Sizes 36-48) - VELTUFF® DKAnti-Shock Insoles (Sizes 36-48)
Anti-Shock Insoles (Sizes 36-48)
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Winter Safety Work Boots (Sizes 37-48) - VELTUFF® DKWinter Safety Work Boots (Sizes 37-48) - VELTUFF® DK
Winter Safety Work Boots (Sizes 37-48)
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Neptune Safety Trainers (Sizes 38-47) - VELTUFF® DKNeptune Safety Trainers (Sizes 38-47) - VELTUFF® DK
Neptune Safety Trainers (Sizes 38-47)
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Multi-Task Safety Boots (Sizes 38-48) - VELTUFF® DKMulti-Task Safety Boots (Sizes 38-48) - VELTUFF® DK
Multi-Task Safety Boots (Sizes 38-48)
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VELTUFF® Safety Shoes

Shop the VELTUFF® collection of safety shoes. Men's protective safety footwear for work, with styles including safety boots, safety trainers, safety shoes, safety sandals and more. All safety shoes are certified to EN ISO 20345 standards, with many styles at S3 level. Most of our safety footwear also offers underfoot anti-penetration protection & many styles are slip resistance to SRC standards and has shock absorption.

When performing a job that necessitates protection from risks, wearing the appropriate safety footwear with toe cap and safety equipment is crucial. Wearing Safety boots to protect your feet can help you avoid potential injuries and make the workplace safer.

En ISO 20345:2011: What is it?

All footwear that is categorized as PPE or safety footwear needs to pass an EN ISO 20345:2011 test. This ensures protection against hits with a minimum energy of 200 joules and a maximum compression force of 15 kN. Read more here.

Footwear Safety Ratings

In addition to the minimum level of protection covered by EN ISO 20345, there are various additional safety features that your footwear may offer. These are covered by the tables below:




Safety Basic, conformant to EN ISO 20345


As SB, with the addition of midsole penetration protection


As SB, with the addition of a closed energy absorbing seat region, anti-static properties and resistance to fuel & oils


As S1, with the addition of midsole penetration protection


As S1, with protection against water penetration and absorption resistance


As S2, with the addition of midsole penetration protection


As S1, moulded entirely from polymer/rubber. Leak-proof & waterproof.


As S4, with the addition of midsole penetration protection


Safety shoes with 'Fast-Lace'

The 'Fast-Lace' system provides an alternative to the traditional laces. The traditional laces are replaced by stainless steel wires, connected to a turning knob, that is placed on the tongue of the safety shoe. By turning the knob clockwise you are fastening the wire laces, stop when it feels secure and comfortable to wear the safety shoe. To loosen the pressure, pull the knob upwards (quick release) and you can loosen the safety shoe completely. Remember to press the knob down once you want to tighten the wire laces.

The smart thing about the 'Fast-Lace' closure is that it repels sand, oils and mud. This gives you more time to focus on your work instead of cleaning and tightening your laces on the safety shoe all the time during the day.

When should safety footwear be inspected?

Each time they are worn, safety shoes should be checked for any damage, including holes, mud, and buckles. Safety footwear should be cleaned and stored in a clean, dry area when not in use. This will help remaining comfort for a longer period of time

How durable are work boots?

There is no set rule for how long safety boots should last or when to change your safety gear, but after six months to a year of regular use, shoes and boots frequently start to exhibit noticeable symptoms of wear and get symptoms of wear on the midsole.

Want assistance choosing your safety boot or shoe?

We have a committed and knowledgeable customer service team available to assist you every weekday if you have any concerns about our safety shoes, our terms, delivery details, or anything else. Contact us between 9:00 and 16:00 on our live chat, by phone, or through email (CET).

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