Here at VELTUFF® we pride ourselves in the producing high quality embroidery of your logo onto our garments. We are proud to boast that we produce 7,000 embroideries every day across our two major warehouses in Copenhagen, Denmark and Northampton, England. Our dedicated teams across the operation take pride in ensuring your logo is stitched with care and high quality. Made up of highly skilled and trained machinists, we have been embroidering for well over 20 years and will continue to do so for the many years.
We use Tajima embroidery machines that allows us to use 4,6,8 heads at 1000 rpm. Each head can have up to 15 colour threads.
VELTUFF® - Embroidery Machinist
What is Embroidery?
VELTUFF® - Tajima Embroidery Machine
Embroidery is one of the most traditional ways to apply a company logo to a variety of workwear. High quality results, with texture and durability that are hard to beat.
Ideal for intricate and minimalist designs, embroidery is the perfect choice for any business looking to create an elegant and professional ensemble.
Quality finishing
The finished result of embroidering your logo on your clothes will give a professional look and is a great way to enhance your business branding.
VELTUFF® - Veltuff Stitch
With workwear needing to be durable and long lasting, having a stitched logo won't fade away over time. We ensure that the life cycle of the stitching surpasses the life time of our Hi-Vis workwear due to some items having 25 maximum washes.
Colour Threads
Due to our vast choices in colours, this guarantees you that your logo artwork will be match with the exact colour thread therefore ensuring that there is consistency in the brand looking the same on your workwear and website.
Our adaptability of stitching your logo in various positions on the garments is why we are trusted by some of biggest companies across the UK and Europe. We've optimised from the traditional route of having logos placed on the left breast of a garment to being able to design trouser pockets suited to having a logo stitched on or even the seems. 
VELTUFF® - Logo Placement